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Dave Sweney
Dave Sweney
CEO, Soaring Eagle LLC

Retired military, online marketer, off and online consultant.

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Dave Sweney
CEO, Soaring Eagle LLC

Hi, Everyone...

We are standing up a Fiverr-like platform where you can offer your online services to businesses and entrepreneurs needing assistance with their work or taskings...

It will have many advantages over the big platforms such as Fiverr, Freelancers, or UpWork that business owners are used to using when looking for outsourcing assistance...

Let me lay out the advantages for them and for you:

For You:

(1) You can offer your services in any area that you may have skills in and just as with the big platforms, have three levels of service (basic, advanced, and premium as examples)...

(2) You are not going to be competing with thousands of other freelancers as the platform is much smaller and the numbers of people selling will be smaller.

(3) You are going to be able to offer the services at a similar or slightly less price than what the freelancers are on the other sites, as the cost for our platform is less.

(4) We will be duplicating the platform by region in the USA, focusing on areas that such services are widely used. This means that you will have more visibility directly in the markets, versus one big site such as the big platforms have.

(5) We (Soaring Eagle LLC) will act as an escrow service for the buyers, i.e. much like the big platforms do. This means the buyers will have confidence when they purchase services, they will get what they paid for or will get their money back.

(6) We are located in the USA and have USA bank accounts, so there will be added trust that the buyers will have. They will know that they have some recourse should something not go right.

(7) The cost to you is going to be 14% of sales plus any transfer fees from our bank to you. Those costs will vary depending on how you choose to receive payment.

(8) That 14% is going to cover the following:

- Marketing fees.
- Support Services for you and your clients
- Banking gateway that is known and approved
- Site maintenance fees
- A small profit of 2-3% for our company

(9) You will have training on how to set up your offers, and templates to use to create the offers. These are using proven content and we have 50 different market services we have templates for.

(10) You will be able to earn as much as you can and use the money to build out the rest of your online business. This can mean that you might want to upgrade your Wealthy Affiliate membership to a 6-month plan or an annual plan. This will bring your costs down per month.

(11) If you decide that you do not want to remain a member of the Wealthy Affiliate as a premium member, you still will have access to the SMART Freelancer Services Platform at no cost as long as you are a member of the SMART Affiliate Training & Support Program.

(12) If you want to maintain the free status, and you leave Wealthy Affiliate (i.e. do not stay as a premium member) you can choose to stay with us at $19.95 a month. That is cheaper and you maintain access to all the tools, features, and training that we have here for you.

(13) You will be able to collect the lead information from customers that you provide services for. These are normally not available on the big platforms. We will have the lead information as well, but we will not block you from working directly with the customers.

(14) Note that we will be monitoring and will see if there are any anomalies that may indicate that you are doing an end-run around the platform to avoid the fees mentioned. If we confirm that is taking place, you will be removed from the platform and the program.

(15) Just as with the big platforms, clients will be able to rate you and over time you can stand out from the fewer people offering similar services and can charge more. It still pays to do the best job that you can.

(16) You are going to be able to use the digital business card, the personal business page, the calendar and appointment tool, and the meeting rooms that you get from us with clients.

(17) You will have a professional look to your business using the tools and the platform. This is important as people will judge you on what they see on the offer pages, plus when they see what tools you have available to work with them.

(18) You are going to be able to tap into our marketing program at no additional cost. We want to sell as many such services as is possible, so will be using a variety of means to get the word out and get eyes on the platform/your offers

For Buyers:

(1) They will have trust in a platform that is based in the USA, as well as banking, which is based in the USA.

(2) The platform is one that they are used to as it looks very similar in design to the big platforms. They are used to the way you will be presenting the offers, and also with the checkout procedures (PayPal and Stripe)...

(3) They will be able to talk directly with the providers of services, less hassle. They can get done what they need faster. We (Soaring Eagle) will be able to track what is going on with traffic, etc. to make sure this feature is not abused.

(4) They will have more confidence since they are paying into the Soaring Eagle LLC business account versus paying directly to the seller of services, so they get their money back if there is a problem (this is the same as the big platforms do).

(5) We will have a standard contract that lays out the conditions for a refund, i.e. there have to be grounds that have been substantiated and we (our company) is the final arbiter of decisions on whether a refund is warranted.

(6) In many cases, the cost for them will be lower, depending on how the seller prices their offers. If the sellers want to pass through all or part of the savings that they get using our platform over the big ones, they can do so.

(7) Since we are going to be duplicating the platform by region, they will have more trust as the platform will have more local testimonials over time as the leads come in and buy services and post their results/ratings.

This is being worked as I write this, and we will be assigning one team member to this platform exclusively. It will likely be either Daryl or Pot Pot, and I will let you know as soon as we are ready to start adding services.


We will be checking to see that you have completed all the onboarding tasks and have turned in the checklist for your personal file to us. Right now Daryl or Pot Pot are standing by to answer questions and get you any help you need to get this done.

Once you have completed the checklist and have access to everything mentioned in that list, we will then open the SMART Freelancer Service platform to you. There will be video training as well on how to get set up...

In Conclusion...

See you all on the inside of this new platform. We are working every day to create more money-making streams of business for you. Ask any questions you may have below in the comments!

Words for the day: "Your attitude determines your altitude, but you still have to do the work!"

Dave : )

Quick Post
Dave Sweney
CEO, Soaring Eagle LLC
Good NEWS, everyone! Carson, the co-founder of the Wealthy Affiliate platform, has fixed the problem of using WA Cash Credits for your memberships...

I have upgraded all to Premium membership level, and you can start collecting cash credits from making comments AFTER you make 50 to get certified...

Your immediate goal is now to get that done and then set up a schedule to make comments on a regular basis to collect the credits to remain as a premium member...

One note on this:

Fahim, I used my card to upgrade you already, and today I am going to switch you to WA Cash Credits to pay, and the extra credits I will have to add you can pay me back. I will have to add about 40 to get you upgraded...

This means that in your case only, you will have 30 days to get the 50 approved comments to be certified, then make an additional 98 approved comments to maintain the premium membership, and then 40 approved comments to return the credits I am adding...

If you all do 8-10 comments per day (takes about 1 to 1 1/2 hours) you can have 250 to 300 comments, for which you will get $75 (every second comment you get paid $ .50)...

My advice is to let the credits build up so you are not under pressure to get the credits you need, and only after having 2 months worth of premium membership, start cashing them out...

Cheers, and if you have questions, ask in the comments below!

Dave : )

Dave Sweney
CEO, Soaring Eagle LLC
For all members, we are adding training on mindset, time management, selecting a niche, our support platform (walkthrough), constructing your business strategy (a series of courses), and regular support video calls/meetings for the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

These are the first of many more training sessions as we move forward that are in the queue for you. We are also going to be changing the structure of membership for this program.

Members will have access to one month of Premium at Wealthy Affiliate plus all the training, tools, features, etc. found in the program for their $15. The true value is well over $1000.

Those that choose not to stay as premium members on Wealthy Affiliate (for which we get paid a commission) will be able to maintain access here for a lower price of $19.95 a month.

There will be some that may not want to stay with Wealthy Affiliate but want to maintain access to the platform and services we have here. That is why we are going to add this option (and some will just want to save money from the $49 a month that Wealthy Affiliate costs)...

For those that would like to remain members at both Wealthy Affiliate and here, there is yet a third way to keep access to the training you find on both patforms::

You can save up money, and upgrade to a 6 or 12-month subscription. Your costs can go as low as $30, saving you a lot of money over the year. I would recommend this once you feel comfortable that you are in the right places to learn how to earn.

I have been a member with the Wealthy Affiliate platform for over 4 1/2 years. I have the annual plan and I purchased it during the Black Friday Sale they do every year. It costs $299, or about $25 a month.

No matter which premium plan you have at Wealthy Affiliate, it qualifies you for a free membership here. If you decide that premium membership is not for you, we will give you the option of staying with us at $19.95 a month.

Now, let's get back to the training that you can expect from us within the SMART Business Support Site to help you establish your business properly and grow it using the tools, resources, and features that you have as a SMART Affiliate Training & Support Program member

Going forward. here are some of the courses you can look forward to:

(1) E-Commerce Series
(2) Customer Life Cycle
(3) Developing a Customer Avatar
(4) Using Lead Magnets
(5) Using PLR
(6) Social Marketing
(7) Using AutoResponders
(8) SEO
(9) Content Strategy
(10) Using Sales Funnels
(11) Using Video
(12) Podcasts
(13) Business Setup

I look forward to getting these published and getting your feedback. We are here to help YOU succeed. It still is up to you to apply the lessons but we have them here for you.

Dave : )

NOTE: Comment below with any courses you would like to have added. Thanks!
Quick Post
Dave Sweney
CEO, Soaring Eagle LLC
Hi, Everyone...

The Wealthy Affiliate WA Cash Credits problems have been solved and we should be back in business. I am going through tonight and upgrading everyone to Premium and in the following months, you will be able to use the WA Cash Credits you earn to remain as premium members...

Once you have all completed the onboarding checklist you received after joining us you will be able to list your online services on our new SMART Freelancer Services platform.

There, just as with the Fiverr, Upwork, and Freelancer websites, you can offer your services and levels (i.e. basic, advanced, and premium) and get work from business owners that order them through the site.

We will collect payment for the services ordered and after delivery release the payment minus our handling. listing and transaction fees to you. This cost is about half of what you would pay on the other sites.

BUT, we do want you to also work on your affiliate business as well, so the main focus will be on the tools and training that you have with us and with Wealthy Affiliate for you...

It is our belief that you all should work on developing at least three streams of income online as time goes on. Affiliate marketing is one, selling services can be another, and a third might be developing training, a product, or anything else.

You will see that we are also going to be expanding on some of these lines of income that are possible using the internet. Likely the first will be dropshipping as this is another low-cost business model that you can enter easily.

More to follow...

Dave : )
Dave Sweney
CEO, Soaring Eagle LLC
We are still waiting on Carson, the co-founder from Wealthy Affiliate to fix the WA Cash Credits feature. All members waiting have the 38 credits in their accounts already from us so as soon as they get it fixed, you will be upgraded...

Do NOT let that stop you from building out your own online business. There are a number of other things to get done from the checklist and the supporting document that you all received after signing up with us.

If you need help getting all the training sites, the tools, and services set up, we have two members here to help you out. Daryl and Pot Pot are standing by to assist, just ask them, they are members here...

I am also setting up an alternate hosting for your website, that way you are not at the mercy of Wealthy Affiliate for being able to get your websites up and running. Develop a plan, ask for help and guidance, and get started!

The opportunity is there for you, all the tools you need are here, but you must use them or they will do nothing. There is no magic button to push, you have to go through the process to get your business up and running....

We are here to help with that!

Dave : )
Quick Post
Dave Sweney
CEO, Soaring Eagle LLC

I know all are waiting on the upgrade on the Wealthy Affiliate platform, but I would like to add that you can be working on all areas of standing up your business while we wait.

In looking through the member list and the ones that have not yet completed the steps nor returned the checklist of things to get done, I see that nobody has.

Your success does NOT hinge on Wealthy Affiliate premium membership access. That is NOT going to provide all the answers to earn money. The comments for which you can get paid are just a means to keep access to the platform as a premium member and earn some money from in the short term.

What IS going to help you build a business is getting your website up after you have selected a niche that suits you and one that you can earn money from. Then taking action to get all the elements in place is going to be required.

The training that you have access to right here and within the SMART program will show you how to get that done. I can lead you all to the solutions, but it is up to you to do the work if getting things in place.

If you have any questions or requests please drop a comment here. We are here to help you and we have a lot of tools, resources, training, and features - use them, please!

Dave : )
Quick Post
Dave Sweney
CEO, Soaring Eagle LLC
While we wait for Carson from Wealthy Affiliate to fix the WA Cash Credits, do not let that stop you from getting started with your own affiliate business.

You can request and receive approval to promote the SMART Tools and Services, and I am standing up our own Freelancer Market where business owners can request and pay for your services.

This means that if you want to use the expertise you may already have to earn money (just as with the commenting on Wealthy Affiliate) you now have a platform to offer the services.

I am going through the SMART Freelancer platform now and will be sending updates out to everyone. You will be able to advertise and we will send the page out on everyone's behalf so owners can have a look and get cheaper prices than they would on Fiverr, UpWork or similar sites.

This is an additional benefit that you are going to be able to tap into as a member of the SMART Affiliate & Training Program that you have signed up for.

The nice thing is that much like Fiverr, you can offer the service, and get paid when completed, and then get paid from us - we collect the money from the person requesting services and pay you when you have done them in a satisfactory manner.

Much like Fiverr, they will be able to provide testimonials and rate your job performance. So, of course, you want to do a good job. More coming on this very soon, with some training.

Dave : )
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Dave Sweney
CEO, Soaring Eagle LLC
Hi, Everyone...

OK...I would like to introduce the two points of contact that will be helping you get everything set up for the tools, resources, training, etc. that you have access to as a member of the SMART Affiliate Training & Support Program...

First, we have Pot Pot. He will be available through leaving a message on his timeline - when he is working he will contact you to help.

Second, we have Daryl. She will be doing the same. Both will be working part-time for now and hours will increase as our base of affiliate members grows.

Any help that you need or problems signing up for the training, affiliate program, or etc. get ahold of her or Pot Pot...Use the two documents I sent to check off each site or action needed to be completed.

Turn a copy of the completed checklist in when you have completed all the steps to Pot Pot or Daryl. It should not take more than a few days but it will set up for success.

We are going to have the docs and contact info etc, on hand for easy reference, as when we have 2000 members (which we will) it may be hard to keep track of everyone.


P.S. Another old picture from 2006 or 2007 at another Food Show where we were promoting our PATROL brand and products...I have been doing this stuff for a number of years! : )
Quick Post
Dave Sweney
CEO, Soaring Eagle LLC
Hi, Everyone! Don't be afraid to post what is on your mind on your timeline, much as with Facebook...Please keep it civil with one another here, this platform is mainly to support one another with our online businesses! Cheers! Dave : )

P.S. This is a picture of me at a food show way back in 2006 - we were promoting our own line of drinks "Patrol" ...Funny, huh???? :)
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Dave Sweney
CEO, Soaring Eagle LLC
Just to give new members waiting to be upgraded, you have 38 WA Cash Credits in your Wealthy Affiliate accounts that I added today. They removed the WA Cash Credit payment option for new members, and I have put in a support ticket to get a solution...

The person(s) to allow the fix is one of the co-founders of the platform, Kyle or Carson, so once they have replied we will know what to do to fix this...No worries, we have 7 days to get a fix in place...

In the meantime, you can check out the training links I provided or making comments, and also put in practice comments (10) on any post from my site at - the reason is that I want you to practice and get good at them..,

These are the main way that you will get the cash credits to pay for the monthly membership...Once you have 50 approved, you get $ .50 for each second comment (and one community credit too)...

Over the month, you can easily earn more than membership just from this, and any extra you can cash out (I recommend that you keep at least one-month membership access in the account so you do not have to worry)...

The document I sent with the access information will also provide links and guidance on all the other steps you need to take starting now. You will not need to use everything at first, but as you get more experience you will use all the things you are getting access to (like video tools, lead magnets, PLR, etc.)...

Any questions, please just ask away below in the comment section! Also, maybe like this post so I know you have read it! Thanks and welcome to the SMART Tools for Business/Affiliate Training & Support Platform! This is the main location where we will be able to stay in contact...

Dave : )