Hi, Everyone...

We are standing up a Fiverr-like platform where you can offer your online services to businesses and entrepreneurs needing assistance with their work or taskings...

It will have many advantages over the big platforms such as Fiverr, Freelancers, or UpWork that business owners are used to using when looking for outsourcing assistance...

Let me lay out the advantages for them and for you:

For You:

(1) You can offer your services in any area that you may have skills in and just as with the big platforms, have three levels of service (basic, advanced, and premium as examples)...

(2) You are not going to be competing with thousands of other freelancers as the platform is much smaller and the numbers of people selling will be smaller.

(3) You are going to be able to offer the services at a similar or slightly less price than what the freelancers are on the other sites, as the cost for our platform is less.

(4) We will be duplicating the platform by region in the USA, focusing on areas that such services are widely used. This means that you will have more visibility directly in the markets, versus one big site such as the big platforms have.

(5) We (Soaring Eagle LLC) will act as an escrow service for the buyers, i.e. much like the big platforms do. This means the buyers will have confidence when they purchase services, they will get what they paid for or will get their money back.

(6) We are located in the USA and have USA bank accounts, so there will be added trust that the buyers will have. They will know that they have some recourse should something not go right.

(7) The cost to you is going to be 14% of sales plus any transfer fees from our bank to you. Those costs will vary depending on how you choose to receive payment.

(8) That 14% is going to cover the following:

- Marketing fees.
- Support Services for you and your clients
- Banking gateway that is known and approved
- Site maintenance fees
- A small profit of 2-3% for our company

(9) You will have training on how to set up your offers, and templates to use to create the offers. These are using proven content and we have 50 different market services we have templates for.

(10) You will be able to earn as much as you can and use the money to build out the rest of your online business. This can mean that you might want to upgrade your Wealthy Affiliate membership to a 6-month plan or an annual plan. This will bring your costs down per month.

(11) If you decide that you do not want to remain a member of the Wealthy Affiliate as a premium member, you still will have access to the SMART Freelancer Services Platform at no cost as long as you are a member of the SMART Affiliate Training & Support Program.

(12) If you want to maintain the free status, and you leave Wealthy Affiliate (i.e. do not stay as a premium member) you can choose to stay with us at $19.95 a month. That is cheaper and you maintain access to all the tools, features, and training that we have here for you.

(13) You will be able to collect the lead information from customers that you provide services for. These are normally not available on the big platforms. We will have the lead information as well, but we will not block you from working directly with the customers.

(14) Note that we will be monitoring and will see if there are any anomalies that may indicate that you are doing an end-run around the platform to avoid the fees mentioned. If we confirm that is taking place, you will be removed from the platform and the program.

(15) Just as with the big platforms, clients will be able to rate you and over time you can stand out from the fewer people offering similar services and can charge more. It still pays to do the best job that you can.

(16) You are going to be able to use the digital business card, the personal business page, the calendar and appointment tool, and the meeting rooms that you get from us with clients.

(17) You will have a professional look to your business using the tools and the platform. This is important as people will judge you on what they see on the offer pages, plus when they see what tools you have available to work with them.

(18) You are going to be able to tap into our marketing program at no additional cost. We want to sell as many such services as is possible, so will be using a variety of means to get the word out and get eyes on the platform/your offers

For Buyers:

(1) They will have trust in a platform that is based in the USA, as well as banking, which is based in the USA.

(2) The platform is one that they are used to as it looks very similar in design to the big platforms. They are used to the way you will be presenting the offers, and also with the checkout procedures (PayPal and Stripe)...

(3) They will be able to talk directly with the providers of services, less hassle. They can get done what they need faster. We (Soaring Eagle) will be able to track what is going on with traffic, etc. to make sure this feature is not abused.

(4) They will have more confidence since they are paying into the Soaring Eagle LLC business account versus paying directly to the seller of services, so they get their money back if there is a problem (this is the same as the big platforms do).

(5) We will have a standard contract that lays out the conditions for a refund, i.e. there have to be grounds that have been substantiated and we (our company) is the final arbiter of decisions on whether a refund is warranted.

(6) In many cases, the cost for them will be lower, depending on how the seller prices their offers. If the sellers want to pass through all or part of the savings that they get using our platform over the big ones, they can do so.

(7) Since we are going to be duplicating the platform by region, they will have more trust as the platform will have more local testimonials over time as the leads come in and buy services and post their results/ratings.

This is being worked as I write this, and we will be assigning one team member to this platform exclusively. It will likely be either Daryl or Pot Pot, and I will let you know as soon as we are ready to start adding services.


We will be checking to see that you have completed all the onboarding tasks and have turned in the checklist for your personal file to us. Right now Daryl or Pot Pot are standing by to answer questions and get you any help you need to get this done.

Once you have completed the checklist and have access to everything mentioned in that list, we will then open the SMART Freelancer Service platform to you. There will be video training as well on how to get set up...

In Conclusion...

See you all on the inside of this new platform. We are working every day to create more money-making streams of business for you. Ask any questions you may have below in the comments!

Words for the day: "Your attitude determines your altitude, but you still have to do the work!"

Dave : )